I love this literary travel video

…perhaps it’s the music. Whatever it is, it conveys a kind of thrilling urgency. And I think it inspires an urge to visit the place, because, if ever there was a place that has a story to tell, it’s Nottinghamshire. The tales of Robin Hood and his merry men are set here, this is the place where the English Civil War began and ended, and it’s where the Mayflower Pilgrims set off from on their journey to Provincetown in 1620. Lord Byron and D.H. Lawrence, arguably the most ‘dangerous,’ bad-ass authors of their times, also lived here. Here you can explore the homes they lived in, stride the cobbled streets they walked and wobbled on and see the sights that inspired them.

Once you arrive, it’s worth investigating Gold Star Guides the literary tour specialists. They offer a 2-hour walking stroll through the city centre that highlights the many writers, poets and published authors associated with Nottingham. The Nottingham Booklovers Walk is held on select Sundays each month. It covers lots of literary ground, despite only being about a mile long.

Click here for everything you need to plan a successful trip to Nottinghamshire. 

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