La Plaça del Diamant in Barcelona

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La Plaça del Diamant is a square in the Gràcia neighbourhood of Barcelona made famous by the book of the same name by Mercè Redoreda i Gurgui. The square was constructed around 1860. The land belonged to a jewel tycoon called Josep Rossell. In honour of his trade the area was given names related to jewellery, hence the ‘Plaza of the Diamond’. On one side of the square is a statue of a woman waving her hands in the air in desperation. This sculpture is by Xavier Medina Campeny and is called La Colometa, or The Little Dove. It’s the name of the main character in Mercè Rodoreda’s 1962 novel, La Plaça del Diamant. The novel is about a young lady growing up on the square during the Spanish Civil War.

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