Literary Tourist is a website that helps those who travel to find the world’s best literary destinations, attractions and events.  It was  developed by Nigel Beale:

“I’m a literary tourist who, for the past decade has had the good fortune of traveling around the world enjoying and participating in enriching literary experiences. I launched Literary Tourist to share these experiences, and to make it easier for others to enjoy similar ones. I also wanted to encourage cities to promote and celebrate all things literary.

Literary Tourists are a hard breed to define. Some like to visit places that appear in novels, others to explore landscapes that inspired great poems; some go on pilgrimages to honour their favourite authors, others seek out the book itself and go to rare book libraries and antiquarian bookstores; still others love good theatre and attend live stage performances, while many like to hunt down famous living authors, listen to them read, and get their books signed.

There are lots of ways to be a literary tourist – each combines  a special mixture of people and places, imagination and reality. The result is a memorable travel experience. I hope to capture the magic of such experiences in the stories found on this website.”

Nigel Beale, The Literary Tourist, works  with tourism marketers, helping them to both discover literary cultural assets and  promote them to visitors from around the world. 

If you want to attract more literary and cultural tourists to your destination

Email him at  notabenebeale@gmail.com 

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